Monday, March 30, 2009


There's nothing like spending some time outdoors to put my head back together. It's been stressful around here lately - trying to get our home loan modified, trying to get out of debt. My husband and I are both feeling the strain and we both show it in different ways. Yesterday we decided we needed to take a nice, long hike together. We woke up early, fed the dogs, then headed out to a local waterfall. Spring was evident all around us - poppies carpeting the hills, wild flowers lining the trail, trees dripping with birds. It was a really beautiful day. We packed a bottle of wine and some trail mix, hiked to the top of the waterfall and settled in next to a quiet little pool. We don't usually (read; never have before) bring wine on our hikes, but we were going for a sort of romantic mini-getaway theme. Hehehe. Of course the minute we opened the bottle, three girls came hiking up the trail, emerging right where we'd settled in. *sigh* More people began arriving soon after. We realized the peaceful morning we were hoping for wasn't going to happen, and headed back down the trail. On the way back we kept passing Chinese people! Dozens of Chinese people!! Coming up the trail like ants!! What the? I heard one of them explaining to some hikers that they were part of the Conejo Chinese Cultural Association on an outing. wasn't the peaceful retreat we'd originally intended it to be, but just being out in nature, soaking up the sunshine did a lot for my well-being. When we got home I carved a new stamp set, as you can see above. True, cherry blossoms aren't part of our local flora, but they're such a good representation of Spring!

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