Thursday, March 26, 2009


If this week had a theme it would be "wasted time". And that would make sense in more than one way, but mostly in the got-nothing-productive-done way.
Today was supposed to be a platelet donation day, but I wasn't able to donate. I only found this out after making the hour-long trip to UCLA and having two of my fingers pricked to reveal a low iron count. CRAP!!! This wasn't an issue the last 3 times, but I guess the process of donating can sometimes have that effect. If I'd known I was getting low, I'd have started taking iron supplements. The friend that I always donate with was still able to, which meant I had to sit around for a couple hours waiting for her and feeling useless. It was really disappointing. I'm going to try again next week, and in the meantime will be taking vitamins and eating a diet rich in iron.
That was pretty much four hours of my day that I could have spent carving. I'm behind on custom orders and it's driving me crazy. Tomorrow morning I have a dog training revisit, so that's another couple hours gone. Once I get home, I'll have a little time to carve, then I have to attend my daughter's school play. Not that my daughter is IN it, but her best friend is, and we can't miss that. I want to see her, of course, she's like family to us...but things just keep preventing me from working. It's weird. It's just the way the week is going. I have a dog training session on Saturday, so even that day isn't entirely free. Sunday and Monday will have to be reserved for carving.
I did finish one custom order today, pictured above. This was a fun project - a bit different, a traditional Korean Dojang (name) stamp. stamp down.
Many many more to go...

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