Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday, inky Sunday

Lots of ink was flung in our house today. I spent the day carving stamps as usual, which of course involves ink. Today was different, though, because for once I wasn't the only one with inky fingers at the end of the day. While I sat and carved, my husband tattooed himself. He's been learning to tattoo for a while now, and practices on himself sometimes.
The weather is weird today! This morning was cold and rainy, now it's clear but really windy. Not very Spring-like, at least for SoCal.
Unsurprisingly, I haven't heard back from the woman who called the other day trying to sneak an extra dog onto her contract. I hope I don't. I don't even want to do a paid lesson for someone so willing to rip me off.
I added another new stamp to the shop, as you can see above. This one stemmed from a joke we have about our dog Dewey. My daughter, despite being 14 now, still wants me to read to her at bedtime every night. The dogs seem to enjoy it too, and they all pile into her bedroom when we read. Dewey, our male Corgi, usually listens from over by the bedroom door, but for some reason he's REALLY into our current book. It's about a mermaid, and whenever I start reading it, he gets into the bed, wedging himself between my daughter and me, nose touching the book. We've decided that, being a Corgi with no tail and stubby legs, he loves the idea of being able to grow a tail and swim gracefully in the ocean.
This stamp represents Dewey's wish - to be a fish!
Happy Sunday.


Lana said...

Love the story about the mermaid and your dog! Great stamp too.
Lana :)

Dawn said...

I love that L still wants you to read to her. That's wonderful. The mental picture of you two with the dogs and the book is beyond precious. XO, D

Pam said...

That stamp is too cute! You have the best ideas ever! Loved the blog about the familia and reading time and your little merdog. Thanks for sharing.

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