Thursday, April 23, 2009

a murder-free week

Welp, since the bunny incident, we've had no additional killings. We've also had far fewer bunnies in the yard, word must have gotten out.
Last week I was able to donate platelets - I was deferred for low iron again the week before. Now my friend and I are alternating weeks instead of going together weekly, so that we don't keep having issues with low iron. SO..last week was the first time I've driven myself to UCLA. I probably haven't mentioned this, but I hate driving in unfamiliar places, so I was all proud of myself. Go me!
Not much else to report. Much of last week and this one was spent catching up on stamp orders. I'd somehow gotten pretty far behind. Carving is a lot less fun when I HAVE to do it for hours on end. I'm NOT complaining, though, because if I have a lot of carving to do it means I've had a lot of sales. Sales are good. I just hate it when I get behind. I had good reasons - my neck being all jacked up, a whole day lost to platelet donation, most of another day lost taking my daughter to be fitted for a new brace (she's got scoliosis), dog training obligations...but having good reasons doesn't make customers any happier about having to wait too long.
I'm relatively caught up now - just have some custom orders to do. What's weird is that the shop itself has been dead all week. Hardly any new sales, after things being fairly steady the past few months. Not sure what happened but I hope it's only a brief drought.
OH - just as my neck was starting to get better, I messed it up again. Well, it wasn't ME who messed it up exactly. The dogs (Dewey and Lucy, not all of them, thank goodness) got into a fight for the first time in a long time Monday morning. Pulling them apart was a nightmare, and earned me a nice puncture wound on my left wrist. Later in the day I realized I'd pulled a lot of weird muscles in various places during the struggle. The worst, of course, was my neck because it was already tender from the last time it went out. It doesn't take much. Since then, each day it's felt worse. I think I pinched a nerve. Or one of the herniated discs that wasn't repaired in the surgery I had a few years ago is getting worse. I really hope it's not that.
Okay, enough rambling. I need to get back into the habit of writing about artwork and creative endeavors. Now that I'm nearly caught up on work, perhaps I can create something new!

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