Friday, May 15, 2009


Auugghh! I'm buried in work! That's a very good thing, but as usual it all poured in at once and suddenly I have way too much to do. I've been terrible about blogging, but it's mainly due to the aformentioned workload.

Today I drove all the way to UCLA for platelet donation, only to be turned away because my freaking iron count is down again. CRAP!! Why??? I'm careful to keep my diet iron-rich and it's been two weeks since my last donation. I don't know why this keeps happening and it's frustrating.

Yesterday my dog Lucy ate an entire book of postage stamps. Today she ate the head and tail of a lizard and left the rest of him on my bedroom floor. Tell me again why I have dogs??
I've posted a lot of new stamps in the shop lately. The image above is one of my favorites.
Oh - I forgot to mention that on the drive home from Cambria last week, I was running my fingers through my hair and found a big fat tick just about to chomp into my scalp. Niiiiiiiice. *shudder*
Okay, must go back to work.

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Tammy and Rob said...

I love the Frida stamp, fantastic job!

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