Monday, May 18, 2009

rock on

Yesterday was a lot of fun. We walked over to the local community center to see the gem & mineral show. I've been a little bit of a rock hound all of my life. That's not to say I'm any good at it, I just really love stones and minerals. Whenver I'm doing something outdoorsy, you'll see me looking at the ground a lot. I touched on this a little bit when I wrote about our little side trip to Cambria a couple weeks ago, but didn't go into detail. I have a rock tumbler and one of my favorite things to do is gather stones and tumble them. I've got a knack for finding moonstones, which is why I enjoy Cambria's Moonstone Beach so much. I don't know why, but I have an eye for them. I was also like that with four-leaf clovers as a kid - I could just spot them as I was walking by. Once I even spotted one while I was riding my bike, and I skidded to a halt and picked it. It freaked my friends out! Hehehe. That was when I lived in Virginia. I don't seem to find them out here in California.

Anyway, so the gem and mineral show is put together by the Conejo gem and mineral club, which I didn't even realize existed. I met some of the members and got membership information. Turns out members can use their lapidary and polishing equipment, learn to cut cabachons, and go on all sorts of rock hounding field trips!!! I had a moonstone in my pocket, and one of the members actually ground and polished it for me on their machine, it was so cool! Is it becoming clear how much of a nerd I am yet?

There were also some odd coincidences yesterday. One was that we met a Corgi (and her owners, of course) who came from the same breeder that two (actually three, but one is no longer alive) of our Corgis came from. That may not sound weird but this breeder is really far away from here in Riverside - like a two hour drive. We talked to her owners for a bit and figured out their dog is most likely related to the two we got from that breeder. Weird. (I know, this is all really riveting blog material, isn't it??)

Another chance meeting was with a woman who owns a shop in Ventura that teaches classes in PMC (precious metal clay) jewelry making. What was weird was that one of my dog training clients kept making me promise her that I go into this shop and meet this woman, because she thinks I'd be very good at PMC crafting. And lo and behold, there she was at the show. I got some information on classes, I think it's something I really need to check out. I've had several artists order my stamps specifically for their PMC jewelry creations, and I've always been interested in trying it myself.

The rest of the day was spent tipping back margaritas with one of our good friends, and eventually playing trivial pursuit (second nerd alert).
Etsy business is really good right now. Almost too good because I have no idea how I'm going to keep up with all the orders. Again..NOT complaining, but I hate when I have to keep people waiting longer than a few days, and my turnaround time gets slower as the orders pile up. It's so funny, because once I've got a certain number of stamps to carve, each time another orders pops in, I panic a little. It's like "Oh no, another sale!". And then I smack myself for thinking that at all, because I'm SO freaking grateful and lucky to be making money doing what I love.
So, so lucky.

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