Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Made it back from Florida in one piece. As long as we're not counting my brain, that is. This is an art blog, so I'll skip the dysfunctional family rant - but eight days with my mom.....

ANYWAY, so I've hit the ground running. Got back on Saturday, had two back-to-back dog training jobs on Sunday, spent all day yesterday carving, spent today carving except for an hour to take one of the dogs to the vet* and then to PetSmart to buy new collars and tags**.

The Florida summary: My mom's new house is really beautiful. There is a screened-in patio looking out on a pond, a family of anole lizards that come in and eat gnats as they climb the screens. There's a huge softshell turtle in her pond and we got to see him come out twice. The second time we filmed him. Found some agatized coral on Honeymoon Island beach. Saw sandhill cranes and ibises. Did NOT see the alligator that lives in the neighbor's pond, which was disappointing. Met several great dogs. Saw my uncle. Made necklaces for my mom, sister, and two neices - pictured above. Experienced the craziest, loudest thunderstorm of my life - and I grew UP on the East coast!! I've never heard thunder this loud, ever!! And...yeah, that's the Reader's Digest version.

I'll post some pictures soon, right now I've got way too much carving to do and not enough time to do it. I have another dog training job tomorrow, platelet donation on Thursday and am hosting my book club meeting Thursday evening. Friday, more carving!! Auuuuggghhhh!!!!
*I forgot to mention that our oldest female corgi picked a fight with our youngest (the dog-aggressive one) the day we were leaving for Florida. She wound up with three staples in her ear. Awesome.
**Jim and I went out for dinner Sunday and arrived home to find three of our dogs in our front yard, which has been enclosed by a gated fence ever since Cecil was hit by a car. The front door was not open. I freaked out...how the h*ll did they get there, and where was Dewey??? Luckily Dewey hadn't left the house. The only thing we were able to figure out was that the gate to the back yard must have gotten left open earlier when Jim did yard work. The dogs must have wandered out of the yard while we were gone. Our neighbor said a girl found them (I'm not sure where, whether they had stayed close to the house or not..) and asked if they knew who they belonged to. He told her they were ours, and she closed them in the front yard.

I am SO grateful that none of them were hit by a car or ran away or anything. We got so lucky. We could have lost them all, and there's no way I could live through that again. I mean I know they're all going to die one day, but Cecil's death put me over the pet tragedy threshold. The worst thing is that none of the dogs wears a collar - yes, I realize how idiotic that is, especially since I train dogs. So today after Ellie's trip to the vet, we went to PetSmart and got the collars and tags.
Alrighty, over and out.

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