Sunday, June 14, 2009


Well, we're back. Briefly. We'll be leaving again on Thursday for our trip to Florida to visit my mom, brother, sister and her two kids. A mini family reunion. It'll be fun, but it's hard to have just gotten back in town only to be leaving again in a few days. I've got a few dog training jobs scheduled, have many stamps to carve, have several errands to do, plus there's laundry and packing to do! I also hate that we have to leave the dogs for another long stretch.

Anyway, Cambria was wonderful. Above is a picture of just a small area of San Simeon beach to give you an idea of the vast variety of gorgeous beach rocks that line the shore. We spent several hours each day rockhounding on the beach, it was great!! On Monday morning we drove straight to Willow Creek and looked for jade. We didn't find much, but did find a lot of beautiful jasper and some nice agates. We went up to Big Sur for lunch and got a couple good pictures of a Stellar's Jay.
I always get excited when I see them because we don't have them down here. Up there, they're just pesky local jays that bother the people eating outdoors, but to me they're beautiful birds and I was happy to get a decent photo. OH - we also got a good shot of a Turkey Vulture enjoying some tasty carrion.
That was actually on Sunday afternoon at the Laetitia winery in Atascadero.
I can't remember if we hit San Simeon beach later on Monday, or if it was Tuesday morning. Either way, we hit that beach every day from Tuesday on. We found a LOT of nice rocks! Agates, moonstone agates, fancy jasper, variegated marble, jasp-agates and many other things we have yet to identify. I'll post pictures eventually - there's lots of sorting to do. My tumbler will be busy this summer and I plan to get a lapidary machine as well, to do some serious shaping and polishing. Of course none of this can begin til after the Florida trip, which is frustrating.
When we weren't hunting for rocks, we enjoyed the town of Cambria, did some wine tasting, had some great meals, checked out our favorite galleries and shops and just enjoyed the time together.
It's nice being married to my best friend.
I'll try to more about the trip before we leave for our next one, but right now there's way too much to do, as always!

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