Friday, June 5, 2009

vacation anticipation

We're leaving on Sunday!!! Actually, we won't reach our destination, Cambria, til Monday morning. We're going to spend Sunday night in Atascadero, which is fairly close to Cambria, so that we can drive to Willow Creek Monday morning without being all tired from the drive. We did it this way last year and it worked out well. In the meantime, I've had an extremely busy week trying to finish up all the orders still left from May. I've been putting in really long days of carving and it's catching up to me. My wrists are really fatigued today. I got a bit of a "break" this morning because today was a platelet donation day, so there was no carving most of today. Still, there was the long drive to UCLA in the rain (the minute water hits the road in California, everyone turns into a horrible driver and most drives take twice as long as usual), the donation and the long drive back. I just woke up from a long nap and now it's time to carve again.
Tomorrow morning and Sunday morning I have dog training jobs (yay!), and there's still packing to do, but in just a couple days the only things on my schedule will be rock hunting, wine tasting, looking at art and enjoying my husband. The 9th marks our nine year wedding anniversary. :)
Right now it's time to groggily return to the regularly scheduled program of carving like mad.

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