Wednesday, September 16, 2009

get bent

Today I went to the specialist to have my nose re-set, but it's still too swollen to be manipulated. I have to go back on Monday. At least I got to meet the doctor and hear about the proceedure, so it's not as scary. Sounds like it will be gross but relatively pain-free. Meanwhile I still look like a freak (more so than usual, that is) and feel like everyone who looks at me thinks I'm a domestic violence victim. I even skipped my daughter's back-to-school night tonight because I don't want her teachers' first impression of me to be that I look like a battered woman. Mmmm...batter.
I've carved a lot of new stamps since my post about the camping trip. Here's a picture of one.
More to come.


Kim said...

Kim, you're back! I just sent you an email but I don't know if that address is still valid.
I signed up on this thing finally so I could stay in touch with you (and only you, awww).
Take care,

sugarskull said...

Hi Kim!! Yeah, I sort of let my other blog lapse. I'm glad you're here!! :)

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