Monday, September 21, 2009

in a fix

Welp, just got back from the doctor's. He was able to set my nose. It was broken in two places, so I got to enjoy the sounds of it re-breaking twice. *shudder* It's a rather brutal process. They shove cotton soaked with numbing solution waaay up your nose and leave it there a while. Then when your nose is numb, the doctor inserts a metal rod up there and just WRENCHES it with all his strength until crrrrack! it goes back into place. Then he did it again on the other side where the smaller break was. That side wasn't numb. Um...ouch. He handed me a mirror and I could see that it was straight. Then he splinted it and sent me on my merry way. Now that I look at the pic it seems crooked to me, but I think that's the swelling setting in from today's festivities. Whew. Hopefully this will be a one-time deal because it wasn't fun. Now I'm sitting around with a tissue crammed up my nose because it's bleeding. The numbing stuff is wearing off and OUCH!! Doesn't look like I'll get a lot of carving done today. I hope it heals straight!! And that's all for now.

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