Saturday, September 19, 2009

just around the bend

I had to go do a dog training session today with my face looking like this. I'm sure it instills a lot of confidence in an owner when a dog trainer shows up with a broken nose courtesy of her own dog! Heheh. No, it went well, actually. The day after tomorrow is my appointment to get my nose straightened. Oh please please PLEASE let it not be too swollen to work with this time!! I know I'm probably going to look even worse when the doctor gets done with me, but at least I'll know that my nose is healing straight instead of bent. Bent is not a good look for me. Neither is purple/yellow/black-eyed, but I know that'll go away on its own. The nose, though, won't go back to normal without assistance. So the sooner the better! Come on, Monday....


Phoenix Neuman said...

Sorry to hear about your nose! Hopefully the doctor can fix that up soon, I would be scared of my dog if he broke my nose [if I had a dog, haha].
I love your stamps that you carve! You do such a great job. :)

Kim said...

I don't envy you getting it reset. It looks so painful. Poor Kim!

sugarskull said...

Thanks Phoenix! :) I'm not afraid of my dog, it was really a freak accident. She had no idea I was about to bend down, I had no idea she was about to jump up. I AM more careful bending down now!
And actually doesn't hurt much right now. We'll see how it feels after tomorrow though... :0

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