Monday, October 5, 2009

branching out

I just listed this painting in my shop. It's so funny, every time I paint something and put it in my shop, I have to argue with my daughter about selling it. She gets offended, as if I'm selling off a family member. At the same time, she used to constantly tell me (back in my Verizon days) that I should quit and be an artist. So now that life's twists and turns have allowed me to actually sell some of my work, I have to convince my daughter to let me!
Alrighty, time to jump in the shower. Lots to do tonight. Family stuff that might be a little difficult. We've been dealing with a lot lately - not myself or Jim or my daughter, but still, close family. Being vague - but there's been a suicide attempt, a restraining order, divorce papers, locksmiths and much angst and frustration going on in the past few weeks.
I'm really tired of drama.

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