Tuesday, November 17, 2009

going under

Well, I planned to start posting regularly again, but that didn't work out too well. I can't even say it's because I've been busy. I have been, but not any more so than usual. I've just been really depressed. Stressed about money and my dog training business. I only had two jobs the whole month of October and nothing booked this month at all. The phone isn't ringing. I've only had two inquiries in the past 3 weeks and both are being wishy-washy, so I don't hold much hope of them booking. Yesterday Jim and I went out to visit the vets in my area. Most of them say they refer people to me all the time. I think people are so stretched for money right now that they don't even want to call for pricing. They can't afford anything, so they don't even bother asking. It's killing me. I actually want to sell the business, but the catch-22 is no one will buy a business that's not making money. And if it was making money, I probably wouldn't want to sell it. Not a good position to be in.
The Etsy shop is doing pretty well, and I've managed to finally figure out how to use my polymer stamp machine the correct way (using a negative print of whatever image I want to make a stamp of). Yeah, the mold making method didn't pan out very well. I tried different materials for making the mold but could never get it quite right. I finally started doing a lot of reading on the net and saw a few things that made me think perhaps the instructions that came with the machine are having me over-expose the polymer, thus losing all the details. So I messed around with exposure times and holy smoke, made a stamp!! So..my hope is that soon I can offer less expensive polymer stamp versions of my hand carved stamps. Hopefully they'll sell well, and I can make them quickly, and my Etsy business will grow to make up for the lost income of the dog training business.
I think the meds I've used for years (I have bipolar disorder) have finally stopped working. I've been going into major tailspins over relatively minor things for a week or two now. I'm also having trouble turning my brain off at night, and tend to lie awake for hours with thoughts racing uncontrollably, paired with really horrible images sometimes. Not fun. I might have to break down and try a new medication. I HATE doing that. Dealing with side effects, waiting to see if it's working, moving on to another one if that one doesn't work. It's a nightmare. But if this medication isn't working anymore, my life will be a nightmare anyway, so I don't have much of a choice.
So...yeah. Today I'm stressed because I have a lot of carving to catch up on, but want time to master the polymer stamp making so I can start listing those before the holidays. Guess I need to get myself caught up and then perhaps close the shop for a day or two while I get some stamps made.
Better get to work!


K.C. said...

Oh Girl, I am so sorry you are going through this and I was pestering you about Mission San Fernando. I hope you feel better soon, get some new meds, and especially hope business picks up!

sugarskull said...

Oh you weren't pestering me! I'm sorry, I got sidetracked when you sent the info about that, but I think I'm probably too overloaded right now to do it. :( Thanks for the well wishes. :)

Kim said...

Oh Hon, that's too bad about your business - I know how stressful that can be. As for the meds, I guess it is time to change if they're not working - it sounds like when they do work you're in a much better place.
Take care of yourself,

aine scannell said...

Hi I came on here from your etsy shop and it seemed to me that you were a quality person and from reading a couple of posts on your first page here on your blog it seems you have a lot on your plate !! I doo hope things improve fro you and yjay you can get those meds sorted without having to go through too much upset. Sounds like such a 'little' word doesnt it upset.......encompasses a lot though.
Co incidentally I bought a stamp making machine myself but my first attempt (a bit like yours) was a disaster. I have not tried it again since as I have been distracted with my printmaking intaglio mainly.
I will keep an eye on you by joining your blog network.

take care sugar girl


sugarskull said...

Aine, thanks so much for your comment. Be sure and let me know if I can help you with your stamp making issues - I figured out a LOT through trial and error with mine, and pretty much have it down now!

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