Thursday, December 31, 2009

end of the line for 2009

As evidenced above, I am not too old to play with dolls. This is a paper art doll I created with the hand carved paper doll template I made a few days ago. I'm having way too much fun with it!

The last morning of 2009 finds me nestled in bed, laptop on my stomach, browsing the net and listening to the morning news.
It's been a turbulent year. It started off perfectly, with me standing onstage with Toad the Wet Sprocket, popping open a bottle of champagne and wishing them all a happy new year. Definitely an excellent way to begin a year.
After that, though, things got a little more difficult. The main struggle for us has been with finances - trying to get a loan modification so we can keep our home, reeling with disappointment after the company who was supposed to help us with said modification (Green Credit Solutions, who became Guardian Credit Solution before disappearing with a LOT of our money and never getting resolution for them, you'll see lots of stories about people who got burned by them) left us high and dry. Our lender is still working with us, though, and I think we'll be getting this worked out soon.

Then there's the dog training business. I've owned it for about 3 years, and each year I've made less money than the previous. I bought it just as the economy tanked and it's been a source of a lot of heartache and stress ever since. I love the job itself, but trying to run a business in a bad economy, especially when you aren't really a business/marketing type person...yeah, notsomuch. We'll see if things pick up in the new year.

The Etsy business has been good and continues to grow. This year I intend to get my resale license and add more stamping supplies to the shop to go with the stamps I sell. I'll also be adding the choice of clear polymer reproductions of my hand-carved stamp as a quicker, less expensive option for buyers. I think things will continue to go well in that area of my life, and it makes me really happy.

More recent struggles have been my SIL's suicide attempt in September and the fallout surrounding it. She's getting her life together now, and we were really grateful to have spent Christmas with her, rather than grieving her loss. An ongoing family crisis is my husband's father's battle with Alzheimer's. He continues to worsen and we'll be heading up to Northern California to visit next week. That's always stressful and saddening.
Less of a crisis, but still not real fun for me was my fractured nose courtesy of our thick-headed yellow lab, also in September, while my SIL was still in the hospital recovering. What a sight we were, her in bed with tubes sprouting from various locations, me with black eyes and a swollen, crooked nose. I still need surgery to repair it, the two closed reductions (read; breaking and resetting) didn't work. I hoping it'll get approved by our insurance company, otherwise I'm stuck this way for a while. It really bugs me and I'd like for it to be repaired.
So yeah, all in all a fairly rough year - but interspersed with a lot of happy times as well. A couple trips to Cambria, lots of rockhounding, the trip to Florida (okay..not a totally happy time, but still fun), many great moments with my daughter, husband and dogs, some great concerts (Toad,Glen,Gin Blossoms..) and plenty of things that have slipped my mind but still enriched my life. Friends, laughter, art and music.
Here's to this new year being filled with far more joy than pain, success than failure, abundance than need, laughter than tears.
Bring it on.


Kim said...

Here's to a Happy New Year for you, Kim! It can only get better, right?

sugarskull said...

It can definitely only get better!! :)

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