Monday, December 7, 2009

lean winter

Well, we're into December now and still no dog training jobs. It's normal for things to be slow around the holidays...but not completely dead. My business bank account is overdrawn, there's nothing I can do about it and no relief in sight. It's crazy. I've done some free of charge work - one session for a technician in a vet office in my area, and one for an animal rescue employee. That one is promising because she wants to refer clients to me and there's a chance I might start doing group puppy training classes there at the shelter. If that works out, it'll at least be some steady work me, and a very good referal source. things stand right now, the next few paying jobs I get will only serve to help me pay various business-related bills. I'm pretty close to packing it in. If the puppy classes don't pan out, that's probably going to have to be it for the dog training business. It's a shame because it's something I really enjoy, and I'm good at it.
My Etsy shop is plugging along pretty steadily, and that makes me happy. It's still not generating enough income to depend totally on, but I hope to build it up a bit more in 2010.
Meanwhile, it's freeeeezing today! It's raining and I'm wishing for a big bathtub that I could fill with steaming, sudsy water and just soak for a while.

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