Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Well I woke up this morning, rainbow filled the sky..."

Okay, so I promised an entry about the trip to Coarsegold and the cool double rainbow. As usual it's taken me a while to deliver. That's a theme with me lately. I had quite a few sales in December and January and now I fear I have quite a few annoyed customers wondering where the #!!%$#! their stamps are. Auugghh!! I've been working 12 hour (and more) days trying to get caught up and have only just managed to finish up the December orders and get partially into January. And here it is almost February. It's hard when you sell made-to-order items, because they're not physically in stock. They are created in the order they're when there are lots of orders (yay!), it takes a while for everything to be finished and people become unhappy (not yay!). So that's where I'm at right now.
The trip to Coursegold was overwhelming for me for some reason. Jim was a little more prepared this time for the way his dad is and the fact that he tends to forget who he is. He handled it well. I had a really nice time with my mother-in-law. When we go up there, my job is to basically get her out of the house so she can have a break from being a caregiver 24/7. We have fun together and I really enjoy being with her. For some reason, though, this trip had me dwelling a bit too much on growing older and the inevitable illnesses and disabilities it will bring.
Anyway...I'm too busy right now to delve into that. The rainbow - that's what I was going to talk about. It was weird. The weather was totally clear when we arrived, stayed clear all day, no rain in the forecast. All the sudden the wind started kicking up and a big cloud blew over the area. It sure LOOKED like it was going to rain. So we all out went out into the back yard and wow....huge double rainbow! It seemed to span the entire sky and it just came out of nowhere. It started raining, rained for maybe 15 minutes, and then it all just blew away.
There's probably a message in there somewhere.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hippie Valentine's Day

Yaaay! My newest Valentine's Day stamp was featured in Craftzine! Come see by clicking right here! I was going to wait a while to post a picture of this stamp, but since it got featured today, I figured I'd just do it now.

We just got back in town after spending a few days at my husband's parents house in Coursegold. It's really, really beautiful up there, and I've got some great pictures of a double rainbow that formed the first evening, but I'll post those in the next entry. Right now I'm too tired to write about it in any coherent way. As if I ever write anything coherent.
Back soon.

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