Saturday, February 6, 2010


One of my custom stamps has made its way into the music world! I was given the opportunity to make this stamp (seen on the cd sleeve above) for Perhaps Transparent Records - a Jersey City, New Jersey based independent record label. Steve, one of the two founders of the label approached me via my Etsy shop with the custom request. He was going for a very rustic look to be used with walnut ink on cd sleeves made with recylcled material. I really like how it came out! Thanks again, Steve, for the opportunity. :)

Meanwhile, sales have slowed to almost a halt this week, I have no idea why. I should be grateful for the chance to catch up on work, but no independent artist likes to see sales stop!! I hope it's a very temporary lull, because I was just about to start purchasing ink pads to add to the shop and now there are no funds. Yikes. 
OH - I created a fan page on Facebook for my shop, come check it out and become a fan! I'll be posting exclusive sales for fans from time to time, so it's worth checking out.
Okay, back to work!

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