Wednesday, March 10, 2010

cover girl

My work has found its way onto another album cover produced by Perhaps Transparent Records! This cover is for the band United Bible Studies . Click the link to see the cover. I probably didn't need to provide instructions, you know how the link thing works. ;)

This was quite an undertaking - text is always tough to carve, and the image itself was very detailed. I like how it came out. These cd cover projects are a fun departure from my usual work. Not that I don't love my usual work!

The shop's been a little slow this week, which is the first time in a while. I should be glad for the time to catch up on orders, but I worry whenever things slow down. I'm just about ready to take the leap to making this my "only" job. My dog training business is pretty much dead and I don't have the marketing skills/time/desire to try to bring it back to life. It's costing me far more money to own and run it than it's making for me. I'm going to be talking to the CEO today and more than likely will be turning the franchise over to the corporation. I think it's time. It's scary, though. This means I'm totally dependent on the success of my stamp business, or it's job-hunting time. And we all know what the job market is like these days. Not to mention the thought of having an office job again makes me want to swallow caustic chemicals. I just don't think I could do it again. Seventeen years was more than enough.
Another hurdle to getting back into the mainstream job market is my tattoo collection. With a half sleeve on one arm, tattoos on both forearms and now one on my left hand (one of my best friends, Billy, is visiting - he's the one who did my sleeve and the swallows on my hips - and I couldn't resist letting him mark me up a little more), I'm a less-than-desireable candidate for a traditional office job. That was actually calculated on my part - when I lost my Verizon job, I decided to continue being tattooed for two reasons: 1.) because I love tattoos and 2.) because I knew that being more tattooed would force me to pursue alternative career options. It was a way of reminding me to be true to myself.
Hopefully it doesn't backfire, but I think it's all in the attitude. I'm going to make it, doing what I love, because I have to and I want to.
So there.

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