Thursday, March 18, 2010

new interview

I woke up this morning to discover that try handmade posted an interview with me! I'd done it several weeks ago - they have a "DIY interview" feature in which you respond to their questions, submit photos and then wait to see if they approve and post it. I didn't know it was approved - thank goodness for Google Alert. Hehehe! Anyway, check it out, they did a really nice job. It was a happy way to wake up.

In other business news, I've officially quit my dog training job. I'm taking the steps (and oh, there are MANY) to close down the business and turn it back over to the franchiser. I'm a little sad - I'll miss the other trainers I've met and the great people in the home office. I'll especially miss the dogs. But I won't miss waking up most nights with my brain churning, panicking about the business costing me more money than it was making me. It was a really interesting chapter in my life, but I'm happy to be jumping into my stamp business with both feet now.

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