Monday, May 3, 2010

Can you hear me from under this avalanche?

Auuugghh!! Okay, here I am now, officially franchise-less and focused solely on my Etsy business. And I'm freaking out! My wait time has become so long, because orders keep coming in and I can only carve so many stamps in a day. I know, I know...this is NOT something to complain about. And I'm certainly not unhappy about the growth of the business. I'm thrilled. But I'm also worried. Will I start losing customers as the wait time increases? I'm definitely fielding a lot more "Where is my stamp, it's been three weeks?!!!" messages. I've tried to make it very clear in my shop policies and in the item descriptions that due to being handmade, there is a wait time for the item. Still, not everyone reads descriptions, and I occasionally get someone who's placed an order for a gift or to use in their wedding invitations (LOTS of that going on right now) who is shocked that the stamp didn't arrive a few days later.

Adding to the fun, I'm about to have surgery, finally, to fix my broken nose (see entry from last September) tomorrow. While it's definitely possible to carve stamps while splinted and black-eyed, I'm sure it's going to slow me down. I'm trying to decide if I should close the shop for a few days in order to try to just catch up on the orders I already have. I worry about losing traffic if I do that, though. Plus the ad I placed in Rubberstampmadness has just come out in the Summer issue - and I'd hate for someone to see it, head over to my shop and find it closed.

I think I'm just going to have to suck it up and keep plugging away, dealing with the occasional irate customer. Too much work is definitely a good problem to have, I just hope I can keep up with it all.

Oh - in other news, remember the bird that kept showing up at my bedroom door/window? He's STILL here!!!! I didn't see him at all last week and I thought he'd finally gone away, but nope, he's back. He wakes me up every morning, frantically tapping away at the window, or perching on the doorknob. He seriously looks like he's trying to tell me something, but I have no idea what it is.
I hope it's good news.


jen said...

you do risk missing a sale, i guess, by closing your shop, but if you see a trend where there is a day when you don't sell as much, you could just go on 'vacation mode' for a day here and there with the explaination that it is 'production day' and that way you have at least one whole day to concentrate on carving instead of 'what now?!'
just a shop never kept me busy enough to have your 'problem'! ;)
Congrats on the good work, and i'm sure everything will be should treat yourself to a hand massage!!

The Mayberry Sparrow said...

I have the same problem, with people not reading that the stamps are made to order, and that I ship from It's plastered everywhere in my shop, and in the message to buyer etc, but people still miss it. argh.

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