Thursday, May 27, 2010

I've got sun...flower on a cloudy day

This is the first bloom of a sunflower that sprouted under the bird feeder in the back yard. I'm so excited about this thing, it's not even funny. I've tried for years to get sunflowers to grow in our yard and have always been thwarted by squirrels. They always ate the buds before the flower could bloom and the whole thing would die. This one happened by accident and it's perfect! It's about four feet tall..maybe a bit taller, and has buds all over it. It's going to be so pretty when they all bloom!! It's probably weird to be this happy about a flower, but for the most part, I'm pretty easy to please.

We're having the strangest weather this Spring. Here it is almost June and it's cold and cloudy. Usually by mid-May it's HOT, but this one has been chilly and gray. I know once the hot weather hits and I'm baking in the bedroom with the portable air conditioner pointed directly at my face, I'll miss this. For now, though,  it just seems weird. Hmm....I wonder if I should do a carving of the flower??
Okay, back to work.

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