Friday, August 27, 2010

end of (Verizon) days

In the spirit of following one's true path, I finally got around to carving a labyrinth stamp.

And speaking of following one's true path, it's official, today is Jim's last day at Verizon. Starting Monday, until his new venture (more on that in the future) begins, he's unemployed. We'll be living on half of his former income..which was already a stretch since my Etsy income is considerably lower than MY former Verizon income. *gulp* Oh, and our loan modification still hasn't gone if they ask for new paperwork, we'll probably have to start that procedure all over again (for the..fourth time, I think..) because our income will have changed. *double gulp*

We might be about to start an amazing new chapter in our life together. Or this might all seem like a colossal mistake, if things don't work out the way we hope they will. Still, leaving a job that keeps moving further and further from home (and they've already hinted that this latest move won't be the last) and offers zero personal fulfillment doesn't seem like a mistake. Turning down a commute that's going to be twice as long as the one that's already unbearable, that will cost us close to half of Jim's paycheck in gas doesn't seem like a mistake. It all seems more like a sign that it's finally time to take a leap of faith and try to live life the way we want to live it, doing things that actually mean something to US (not to a giant corporation who doesn't know/care who we are).

Of course our feelings fluctuate by the minute from joy and excitement to panic and despair. Here's hoping the leap will end with a perfectly executed landing.


Therese T. said...

Hopefully the saying is true that when one door closes, a window opens. I will say that I am glad I found you as a seller at Etsy: your designs read my desires! So here's to hoping you guys find your balance and your path :)

-themedusachild on Etsy

sugarskull said...

Thanks so much Therese. :) I'm glad you found me too, your suggestions are inspiring!

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