Wednesday, January 5, 2011

in my absence...

OHMYGODIAMSOFRUSTRATED!!!!! I’m actually writing this entry as a word doc because I haven’t been able to get online for two days. Yesterday morning I awoke to discover the Fios wasn’t working. I knew I was late paying the phone bill (we’re broke, this happens often) and that it was probably suspended pending a payment. I called in and made a payment and was told our service would be restored in 4 hours. That was already bad, because I had several stamps I needed to ship, and with no internet access, I had no access to the orders or to Paypal shipping, so no way to ship them. Frustrating, but worst case scenario was that I’d have to pack them up in the afternoon and drive them to the post office that evening.

I went out and did my Monday getouttathehouseday thing, picked up some graphic supplies and checked out a couple of stamp stores in Ventura, got home at about 3pm……and stillnoservice!! Jim has already been on the phone with Verizon for a half hour and they wouldn’t help him because he didn’t have our account number. I got on the phone the minute I walked in the door..and remained on the phone for two and a half hours. I was sent to about seven different departments, NOBODY knew what they were doing. It turned out that not only did they suspend our service….they cancelled it altogether, as if we’d decided to switch to another phone company. Now a brand new order would have to be written and we’d have to wait, as though we were new customers waiting for an installation. Um…….WTF??? The last person I spoke with last night said she’d send an email to the department that escalates this sort of thing and I should have service by morning, if not that night.

Well….guess what we didn’t have when we woke up this morning??? Yep, still no service. I called in, and of course was transferred around to several people, none of whom knew what was going on. Everyone told me different things. Thankfully Jim has a friend who works in the orders department in another state, and she said she’d be able to expedite it. HOURS later….still no service. Turns out the person who wrote the order last night (the last person I spoke with that night) wrote it WRONG. So our friend had to re-write the order and is now trying to get our service restored.

Meanwhile, all of the orders that I told customers would be shipped on Monday have not, and anything ordered yesterday or today has gone totally unacknowledged (I always send the buyer a message thanking them, and letting them know when their order will ship). Not only that, but anything that has sold is now invisible to other potential buyers because I can’t relist the item. So I’m losing sales and probably have some customers that aren’t very happy with me. PLUS, I made several new stamps today and can’t list them in the shop – more potential sales lost. TWO freaking days of work lost so far. I’m more pissed off than I even have words for (well, words appropriate for a mixed audience, anyway). I’m totally helpless and at the mercy of stupid Verizon. So….let’s see, four years ago Verizon laid me off, thus taking away my job. And NOW…I’ve made my own job, and they’re losing business for me. THANKS, VERIZON, AGAIN!!!!!

Okay….well, I can’t even post this in my blog yet, because I can’t go online……….
(UPDATE: we finally got our internet back at 10pm last night, after yet another hour long call to Fios support, and I spent this morning frantically packing up LOTS of orders for shipping)

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