Thursday, January 13, 2011


Wow, so sales have picked up quite a bit and continue to do so as I add new stamps. I've been working at a frenzied pace - the minute Jim prints out a new sheet of negatives for me, I make the stamps and go through all the steps to post them in the shop. Not an easy task when you have as many stamps as I do! And speaking of not-easy tasks, poor Jim! He's pretty much been at his desk all day, every day, scanning my images, cleaning them up in photoshop and converting them to negatives. I could NEVER have made this switch from carved to polymer without him. I'm lucky to have such an excellent business partner. He's an excellent husband, to top it off. I'm feeling pretty grateful in general right now. Life is crazy but quite good.
OH, and speaking of Crazy Life, tomorrow night is the Toad show in LA!!! We're working the merch booth, which always makes me insanely happy.
So yeah, new way of making stamps, sales picking up, hooping every day, great husband, great friends in my life, great kid...and TOAD!!!!
Right this minute, everything is perfect.

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