Monday, February 21, 2011

back to normal..whatever that is

Alrighty, splint is off, stitches are out and I'm feeling far more human. I'm so happy the surgery is over. As long as nothing weird happens while I heal (sometimes scar tissue can develop and cause things to deform), that should be the end of that. My nose looks pretty close to what it looked like before the break, finally, and I'm happy. It's never been perfectly straight to begin with - my mouth is actually slightly off-center and my nose sort of curves to follow it, so if the doctor had made it truly straight, it would actually have looked more crooked. But he fixed the damage/assymetry to the cartilage and I feel like my old self again. This surgeon is really amazing - he managed to do all of that (and this surgery was quite invasive) without bruising my face at all. Less than two weeks later, it pretty much looks like nothing happened (except that my nose looks better)!
Not much else to report. Billy got to go home from the hospital with a drain coming out of his back to relieve pressure on his kidney. I think he's supposed to find out today if they're going to go ahead and remove it, so there's probably more hospital time in the near future for him - but at least he's not in pain. He's hoping they just remove the troublesome organ, so I hope so too.
No new news on the will-we-keep-the-house-or-not? situation. We did hear from the law office last week, but there wasn't anything new to report. I'm glad that it seems like they're on top of things, though.
Had a great weekend - went to a party at a friend's house Saturday night. She's someone we both REALLY like but had fallen out of touch with. I'm glad we're back in tough again. I made her a hoop and brought over some of my own hoops, and gave an impromptu indoor (due to rain) hoop class.
She says she's addicted now, so yaaay! I always love bringing someone else into the hoop world. We also met a really cool couple who happen to live right near us. The husband is a professional AMAZING one, it turns out. It's funny how we keep meeting artists and creative types now that we've chosen to point our lives in that direction. A good sign, I guess. I look forward to getting to know them better.
Now I really should get up and make some stamps before heading out for my get-out-of-the-house day. :)

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