Monday, February 7, 2011

Hoop, there it is!!

Alrighty, so much for my brief-but-frequent blog post plan. It's been a wild month, capped off with a rather trippy trip to Vegas. I completed the 30/30 hoop challenge, and as you can see above, even hooped in the desert enroute to Vegas. When it comes to hooping, I'm apparently very dilligent and devoted. That photo was taken on top of the post of a burned out (or perhaps just fallen down?) house just off Pearblossom highway. I have a weird obsession with that house. I can't seem to find out anything about it, but I love to see it when we're in that area. There's something really lonely and beautiful about it. It was really fun to hoop there.

The shop is busy busy busy, and it's a pleasure to be able to easily keep up with it. We still don't have much going on in the way of screen printing, but we're getting closer. The house is still in foreclosure and our lawyer is on top of it, in theory.

Tomorrow I will be having surgery number THREE (or is it four..depends on if the break/re-set sessions count) to repair my broken nose. This is going to be a more invasive surgery than last time and I admit I'm a bit more nervous than usual. I'm going to try to keep myself distracted today, between hooping and work, and just generally enjoying the goodness in my life. Hopefully tomorrow will go well and I'll heal up quickly, and the whole dog-induced nasal nightmare will be a thing of the past.
Cross your fingers for me!


JD said...

Hope your surgery goes well tomorrow!

Daydream Retreat said...

Awesome to hear your still hooping...sad to hear about the surgery. Hope it goes well :)

GothBarbie said...

Good Luck! And LOVE the photo! That looks like so much fun!

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