Thursday, February 24, 2011

I got the beat, I got the beat, I got the beat, YEAH!

Alright, I've already driven everyone else in my life crazy with this, now I'll annoy my blog readers with it too! There's a hooping move (and the type of hooping itself is often called "poi" hooping, done with two smaller hoops of equal size, using hands rather than body, for the most part) called the three beat weave that I've been obsessed with since last summer. I saw someone doing it in a You Tube video and immediately got myself some poi hoops and started watching every tutorial I could find. NEVER got it! I understood the mechanics of it, and could do the move one-handed with each hand, but as soon as I incorporated the second hoop, chaos ensued.
Last weekend I bought a larger (and thus slower spinning/easier to handle) pair of minis and decided to tackle my obsession again. Yesterday, I got it!!! Soooooo happy! It's a little rough yet (as you can see in the video), but I can do it, so I'll only improve from here! I think aside from stamp carving, hooping is the only "hobby" (or whatever you'd call it) I've stuck with the longest in my life. I haven't gotten the least bit bored with it. I think the fact that there is endless room for improvement and endless new moves to learn and different styles to explore makes it impossible for me to get bored. And the fact that I CAN master a move if I practice enough, even if said practice goes on for months keeps me motivated.
Achieving goals. Yeah, I kinda like it.

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GothBarbie said...

I saw a burlesque dancer do a hoop act years ago - it was SO COOL! I bet you could do a rad act like that too!

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