Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day! The picture above is Jim's first stamp design. Pretty cool, huh? he trying to tell me something?
We spent today in Ventura having a few silkscreens made of some of my designs - finally! Hopefully in the next few days I'll have some t-shirts to list in our other Etsy shop and we can get that part of our business rolling. We had lunch at Brophy Brothers..YUM! Clam chowder, garlic baked clams and blood marys. Then we ran around and did a bunch of errands. Now we're both exhausted and not feeling very Valentine's-ey.

We don't really buy into this particular holiday anyway. It was fun when we were a new couple, but after 13 years together, I think we've pretty much established that we love each other. I'd rather express that in small ways each day than make some big, contrived gesture when Hallmark says we must.

I'm worried about my very good friend Billy. He's had a bad kidney all his life due to a birth defect, but now he's in the hospital about to have it removed. It's been causing him a lot of problems, so it's probably a good thing, but knowing someone I care deeply about is in pain makes me really unhappy. Plus he doesn't have health insurance (a predicament Jim and I are about to be in, actually) and this is going to cost a fortune. He's got an amazing girlfriend and I know she'll be there for him, taking good care of him, but I hate that they're going through this. Billy, by the way, is the guy responsible for most of the artwork on my body. It pretty much impossible for me NOT to think of him at least a little each day. :) I'm praying for his quick recovery. The worst part (for us..obviously the whole thing's much worse for him) is that they live on the East coast and we can't go visit and be there for them.
Sending prayers and reiki your way, my good friend.

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