Sunday, April 10, 2011

pressure cooker

*sigh* I guess there's just no point in vowing to update frequently when we all know how it really goes. Since the last time I wrote, let's see...screenprinting is picking up a bit. We printed shirts for our local sushi place and we have two orders for upcoming Rotary Club events. Still haven't listed the shirts with my artwork in our other Etsy shop because the pictures we took came out blurry. We need to re-take all of them. I don't know what it is that makes us procrastinate so much when these are things that could be bringing in much-needed money.
I'm still hooping like crazy, as you can see. The above picture was taken on Venice Beach last month. Today we're attending a hoop jam in LA that's a benefit for Japan. All donations will go to help the Red Cross effort in Japan. This is my first "big" hoop jam, should be fun. I'm excited that Jim is going with me.
Yesterday we went to a dock party (exactly like a block party but on the dock!) in Ventura to hang out my friend Keith. Keith was one of my best friends in High School. We parted ways after graduation - he joined the Coast Guard, I moved here to California (I grew up in Virginia Beach, VA.) and lost touch for years. We finally found each other again via Facebook last year, and got to see each other when he was in Ventura. His friends Julie and Mike have a boat there, so they (Keith, his wife Amy, Julie and Mike) drive from Arizona to Ventura and spend weekends on the boat pretty often. It was fun to see them again and meet some new people. We got to tour a few of the boats. I'm not a boat person, I get seasick, but it was really cool to see all the different layouts and configurations of the cabins and such. I brought a pile of hoops to the party and those were a hit! Lots of people tried them out. Hoops = instant laughter and happiness.
On a not-so-happy note, our lender has now put a sale date (May 5th!!!!) on our home. If our lawyer doesn't come through, it looks like we'll be losing the house. I don't even want to think about that. The notice was taped to our gate on Friday and of course even though I called the law office about 500 times, no one called me back. I'm trying not to completely freak out. I know they're busy, and their receptionist did acknowledge that they received our fax (of the sale notice) and told us we'd be getting a call back. If I can't talk to someone tomorrow, though, I'm going to start to panic. We've been ripped in the past by a one of those "loan mod assistance" companies. They took our $3,500.00, screwed up our loan mod and then disappeared, leaving us worse off than when we'd started.
This time we're going with a legitimate law firm who has been practicing real estate law for a long, long time. It's all they do. STILL...I'm getting scared. I've read mixed reviews about them online. It seems they've helped a lot of people, but possibly dropped the ball on a lot of other people's cases. I really hope they're not going to bail on us, this is our last hope of keeping our house.
And yeah..this wasn't one of my most eloquent blog entries (not that many of them are) but I needed to just get it written down.
Don't know what the future will bring, but today I'm going to hoop my ass off and hope for the best.

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