Monday, June 4, 2012

..the dog is down, but we're the ones getting kicked does this stuff just keep happening?? It's our 12th anniversary this weekend, something we like to celebrate with a modest (ie; cheapest motel possible, spending most of our time picking rocks off the beach..a free activity!) trip to Cambria for a couple days. We were already uncertain that we'd be able to pull it off this year, money's tighter than ever, so to ENSURE that we can't go, Lucy (one of our three Corgis) decided to swallow a foreign object. The mystery object remained lodged in her intestines and she is waking from surgery as I write this, three thousand or so dollars later. So yeah...not only is any hope of a getaway gone, but the laser cutter we were planning to add to our collection of business equipment is also out of the question. We can't put it on a credit card because we don't have one..nor do we have sufficient credit to qualify for one. So..I had to rape my IRA account yet again (and pay huge penalties and taxes in the process). I guess we'll be spending our anniversary clinking glasses of Coors light and picking through the chunks of mystery rubber collected from Lucy's gut, trying to figure out what the hell it was.

Adding to the fun is the fact that we just found out today that Jim's unemployment benefits have ended. So we now officially make less money per month than we owe for rent (let's not even think about the additional utilities and oh, food costs). Awesome. Jim was told last month that his benefits were good til October, but apparently the state no longer qualifies for the Federal extension...because the state's unemployment rate isn't high enough. *blink blink* *head cocked quizzically to one side* *shaking head rapidly from side to side in manner of wet dog in hopes of making sense of this*'s still not making sense. Or cents.

On a less morose, but entirely unhelpful note, we've had some interesting celebrity encounters over the past couple weeks. I met Rita Wilson at the Toad concert (she was performing), Lauren met Jessarae (son of Luke Robitaille) who was also performing that night, and Jim inadvertently met Marla Maples yesterday at the Face 2 Face movie premiere. She was at the after party and we were wracking our brains trying to figure out why she looked so familiar, so Jim finally just went up and asked her who she was. Heheheh! She was very nice. Oh, and of course we met Katherine Brooks, the filmmaker/star of Face 2 Face (she's also the Emmy award winning director of The Osbourne's and several other shows) but we sort of know her by proxy....long story. Amazing lady, though. I hope to get to know her better. Last night's premier was definitely the only highlight of a really f'd up weekend. Well that's not entirely true - we also vended at Summer Fest (a small local thingy) where we sold a few hoops and I got to do a LOT of hooping along with my dear hoop sistah Katie. It was a really good time. But SHIT, dude.......what NOW???

I'm beyond grateful that Lucy's going to be alright, I love her so much and would have been absolutely shattered if we'd lost her, but this is yet another financial blow that we really didn't need. And I know this entry is really not much more than a sloppily written list of complaints, but this is what's happening now. And this is a blog about life after layoffs & foreclosure. This is how it is. We just need to figure out how to make it better.

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